Friday, March 01, 2002



mom send this to everyone for me too! thanks! love you!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii !

First order of business-

Hello hello hello!

I want to wish you all well and apologize for the mail situation! Perhaps some of you have cursed me thinking I haven't taken the time to write-THIS IS NOT SO!! I'm as frustrated as you are, I've sent many letters home, I hope they've gotten to you, and I'm sorry for not replying to any letters y ou may have sent-I simply have not received them! I am so sorry! Just please know that I miss you more than you know, and before I get to sappy and lose all of your respect-know that I think of you all of the time, and fond memories get me through tough days here!

WHICH brings me to my second order of business---


Perhaps you have watched the news and have already heard that my little isl and paradise has gone to hell!! The political situation is out of control, violence has increased as well and mediations-our emails and mail is being screened so I won't go into any details but there are two presidents battl ing for control and now it's up to the military to side and grant power to whom ever they choose. Needless to say this is slightly dangerous and we a re on plan A and B-plan A, consolidation, we all gather by the airport from our indiviual villages and await further instructions. PLAN B-evacuation, depending on where I am the moment the call is made I may be forced to lea ve immediately, unable to return to my village, say good bye or grab a sing le belonging! This whole thing is crazy! I can't begin to tell you what I 'm feeling except to say that I feel like my anchor's been cut and I've bee n set adrift to whether a storm-controless!

PLEASE know that I am safe and well!! Truly! The moment I could be in any danger, plan B would go into effect, and, well, I'll be on my way home to you! We really don't know what's going on but it doesn't look good-it's eit her dictator or coup d'etat---what a choice! I am safe (ok mom and those o f you who might doubt me!! You know I'd say nothing rather than lie!!); I don't feel like I am in any danger, my calm, sleepy village continues to p lant rice and work as if nothing is going on...oh, and I'm bigger than EVER YONE in my village anyway!!! :) However we are all on alert, keeping a lo w profile-as low as I can for being a 6'2" white girl as they see me! I wait, helpless just like the in country natives-we wait, we hope...

If you'd like look up Madagascar, check out the news, you'll probably know more than I do since the news is censored and I only get what they want me to hear-send me some news, though whatever you hear on the news or wherever -I am far removed from all the violence and FAR FAR FROM THE CAPITAL!!

I should be checking this again in a week or two, since mail is impossible I refuse to give up my only communication with the outside word, but be for warned, the old president has declared a state of emergency and has taken c ontrol of EVERYTHING all transporation, communication, MAIL-everything-ther efore the internet may be down at times-but I4S KEEP ON TRYIN' don't yous b e worryin na, I is just fine!

I miss you, much love--

Hey, was I the one who said "hey what could happen there in Madagascar? NOTHING! I'll be safest there than anywhere else in the world!!"

Someone have my medal of stupidity ready for me whenever I make it home!

In touch soon AND I'm FINE (ok mom)!

Ngoma anao zaho! I miss you,