Sunday, April 21, 2002


hello and greetings from Nairobi!
I have arrived safely and withour incident--good news!
Better news--kenya is SPECTACULAR!!!!!!! Oh my god you guys, i am in awe!
There have been so many ups and downs but in one day being here has lifted
my spirits and awakened my hunger for knowledge and adventure!
Peace Corps has been so generous and has treated us like royality! the
hotel is like a resort--then again i am flabbergasted by a flushing
toilet--but seriously, it is beautiful. The Kenyans--an incredible
people, with kindness i have never experienced the likes of, they are
beautiful, oh and I am no longer a Giantess of the 8th continent!
Last night a live traditional band came with dancers who lite up the night
and my heart--THEY WERE AMAZING!!! I can't even begin to tell you--the
drums, and dancing, the power, the happiness--I'm still blown away!
I'M IN AFRICA--IT'S SO AMAZING, better than any discovery channel...I mean
anything--I'm floored and speechless!

Our conference starts in 15 minutes and I start to figure out what is
going on and what my next step is. They have provided FREE internet
access so I am expecting to hear from you! :)

hope to talk to you soon!

Saturday, April 20, 2002

Coming Home.....

Well my friends,

I have been evacuated.

Since we last talked much has happened on this island, in my region, in my mind and in my heart. I could tell you about the bombings, the bolwing up of bridges, the killings, the assinations, the cutting of communication, the closing of all airports, the torture, the madness. I could tell you about leaving my village, their sadness and tears, their numerous gifts and well wishes, how they locked mu house told me it would always be mine, how they would wait there for me, how i must return home--my village. I could tell you about the fury of emtions i have actually I'm not sure I could. I could tell you about our evacuation drama, how we had to travel hours upon hours of bad roads trying to find an airport where our hired plane would not be shot down. I could tell you so much more.

Instead I will tell you that I am safe and well. I have already started my move from grief to gratitude for every second I was given on this island. Leaving is bittersweet--my heart hurts to leave and jumps with joy to see you all soon. Forgive me, there is so much to say, but I have not yet found the words with which to tell you.

We have to go to kenya for a couple of weeks, I do not know yet when i will be home but I will be in touch...and I will be fine. So I'm sorry to say that this is the last in the series of letters from Madagascar-I fly out tomorrow morning.

I do want take one more moment to thank you for your emails and letters, I know many of them could not get through and I apologize for that, but several did in the last couple of weeks and there is no way to tell you how much they meant to me. Without your communication there is no way I could have found happiness here--it was in that balance between my two worlds that i was able to thrive. I am now in search of balance once again.

From the bottom of my heart--thank you,
all my love,

Saturday, April 06, 2002

Mbola Tsara!!!!

Mbola Tsara ! (yo !)
Ino vao vao ? (what’s going on ?) Akory? (how YOU doing?)
Lot’s of goods and bad have happened since we talked last:

--I spent an incredible day body surfing, enjoying the beach, witnessed
one of the most beautiful sunsets ever imagined, and actually found a
decent bottle of wine which Jesse (volunteer) and I enjoyed over a great
--there have been more shootings, raids, riots, thug forces on the
streets, use of torture tactics, grenade showers, and deaths!---WHY??
--there has been no movement towards a solution—(sigh!)
--I am still safe!!—we like that!
--I had some incredible interviews at the hospital, got great info and am
working on starting informational classes in my house for women after
their prenatal consultations—very good
--almost got bitten by a hidden snake attempting to slither into my
house—not so good
--another cyclone veered out of the way sparing us once again—thank you
very much
--people think rainbows eat your children!!—no comment
--some &( year old tried to seduce me!-go back to the playground honey
--easter weekend was a PARTAY! ‘ volunteers crashed out my house, there
was an easter disco (???) where we danced the night away fuelled by my
Malagasy dad’s home brew rum which was surprisingly sweet, smooth and even
more surprisingly STRONG AS HELL—it’s all a cultural exchange!
--I tried to explain easter in the states, they only looked at me like I
was out of my goddamn mind-coloring egss (why play with food), giant
rabbits, and what kind of chicken lays chocolate eggs???—nevermind!
We enjoyed the fumbe (tradition) of having an easter monday pinic by our
river, everyone fires up their pots of rice and kills their chickensd and
goes to town. I suppose the whole sandwhich thing would be too
--a small boy drowned in the commotion of the festivities—hertbreaking
--there have been 4 deaths last week due to malaria—im religious about my
--the planning for the girls empowerment camp is going really well and
should be a great success—Excellent
--I love my village—it’s a beautiful thing!
--I’m domestic!!! Who knew?? I’ve made banana pancakes, crepes, and
zucchini bread for my villagers and it was a hit! No I’m NOT trying to
buy friends! I resent you thinking so! Humpf!
--a 17 year old wrote me a love letter—why me?
--then his fat, old dad tried to get me to be his “deuxieme bureau” what
the Malagasy fondly refer to as you second “office”, many men have many
other palces of “work”! then they wonder why they have so many damn kids
and STDs!!! Stop WORKING so hard!!!—sorry gramps, go back home to your
wife and kids!! Jesus!
--my – month anniversary is in “ weeks!!—holy shit!
--I miss you guys!!—very much

I just got word that the mail system is running—I going to check my box
right away!!! I think I’m going to cry—and PLEASE write, please please
please! I print it out, you can write ( pages worth!!! Please!!!

All the best, hope to hear from you SOON!!!