Friday, August 11, 2006


Hello Everyone,

I'm sorry for the sporadic information about donations in my last email. I wanted to make this one clearer.

As of right now I have two initiatives that can be donated to.

1) Sami Doun is the organization I was referring to in my last email. They are a network of all Lebanese volunteers who are now focused on aiding the displaced. They are a fantastic group of people that i am working directly with - aiding populations living in public gardens, buildings, the parking lots, and some of the schools. They are also coordinating with smaller grassroots NGOs and have a direct hand on the pulse of where money and relief is needed including areas and villages in the South.

There is immediate need for:
the list goes on

However, shipping things here is a nightmare and next to impossible, thus the most effective way money so they can purchase what they need and distribute it them.

They are not only doing relief but outreach and media campaigning - trying to provide information on their website There are also video letters i strongly encourage you to watch. They do have donation information directly on their website however it is NOT a 501-c-3 - meaning, it not can NOT be used as a tax write off. However, if you would like to write off this donation and know others who would (especially those donating larger amounts) they can send check too:

c/o Mahaba Al-Wazir
1318 Pennsylvania Ave SE Suite 1B
Washington DC 20003
put in the memo line "Adam Shapiro/Sami Doun"

IN EITHER CASE, please tell me how much money has been sent to Imagine Life for Sami Doun, and we have a way to front the money and get it to them immediately to start buying medic ins, etc. so we don't have to wait for mail, banks, transfers, etc. I would also like to keep track of donations please.

2) for our work here organizing a civilian resistance campaign, human convoys, and all future activities (which includes bringing the above supplies to trapped villages).
people can check out

people can write a check to:

c/o Mahaba Al-Wazir
1318 Pennsylvania Ave SE Suite 1B
Washington DC 20003
put in the memo line "Adam Shapiro/"
I hope this is clearer. Please let me know if you have questions.

Warmest Regards,

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